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What is the Gotthard Panorama Express and what route does it follow?

In search of the real Switzerland: the Gotthard Panorama Express is not just any panoramic route. It combines travel by boat as well as train and two of Switzerland’s most beautiful regions, making it a real first-class experience:

The journey begins on Lake Lucerne: you will travel by lake steamer or the more modern motor cruiser through historic Switzerland, surrounded by imposing mountains (Lucerne–Flüelen). In Flüelen, the panoramic train awaits with your own personal and multilingual travel guide. The onward journey by train will take you through the mighty Uri Reusstal and along the world-famous Gotthard panoramic route to Bellinzona or Lugano. Along the way through Ticino, Switzerland’s Mediterranean south, you’ll discover fascinating stories and background information that surround the unique Gotthard region. The Gotthard Panorama Express operates from mid-April until mid-October.

In addition to a valid ticket, all travellers must pay a surcharge for the route covered on the panoramic train between Arth-Goldau / Flüelen and Bellinzona / Lugano. This is done through a seat reservation. Seat cannot be reserved for the part of the journey made by boat. There
is free choice of seating. The Swiss Travel Pass is valid along the entire route.

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Gotthard Panorama Express

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