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What is the Lucerne–Interlaken Express and what route does it follow?

The journey itself is an experience: the Lucerne–Interlaken Express train journey links two well-known destinations and you might find yourself wishing the trip would take a little longer, thanks to the panoramic mountain vistas, turquoise blue lakes and countless waterfalls that dot the landscape.

The name says it all: the Lucerne–Interlaken Express operates on an hourly timetable from Lucerne via Brünig and Brienz to Interlaken and vice versa. Along the way, you can find out interesting facts about the region and get live updates on your current location using the “Live Guide” app. The restaurant in the middle of the train is the ideal place for a quick coffee break. But you can also order any snacks and drinks from the comfort of your own seat.

Aside from a valid ticket, there are no obligatory surcharges. Seat reservations are recommended, but not essential. The Swiss Travel Pass is valid along the entire route.

Reserve a seat on the Lucerne–Interlaken Express.


Lucerne-Interlaken Express

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