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Can I leave/store my luggage at train stations?

So you can have your hands free once you arrive, you have the option of leaving your luggage at the train station. Lockers are a particularly practical solution if you are going to be in a city for a short while before continuing on your journey. Lockers are available at all major railway stations in Switzerland. With these, you can choose between small compartments (for hand luggage, briefcases and rucksacks), medium compartments (for small suitcases and rucksacks) and large compartments (for suitcases, luggage and large rucksacks). The price for 24 hours ranges from CHF 4 to CHF 9, depending on the size of the locker.

The left-luggage office is recommended for large and valuable luggage. You can deposit this in the SBB Travel Centre. In this case, items can only be collected during the opening hours of the respective office. Please note that capacity in the SBB Travel Centre is limited. You can easily store your luggage at the ticket offices for CHF 12 per day and per piece of luggage.


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