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Where can I leave my luggage or flight luggage?

Thanks to the Swiss public transport system’s innovative luggage services, you can easily travel through Switzerland without the hassle of having to look after your luggage at the same time. Whether you need delivery from door-to-door or from station-to-station – thanks to these services, there’s no longer anything standing in the way of a relaxing journey.

Checked baggage from an airport abroad to the station or (hotel) door
From every airport and with every airline worldwide, your luggage can be transported via Zurich Airport straight to the station or hotel. Once you arrive at the airport, your luggage will be automatically forwarded on to your target destination.

Express delivery of luggage door-to-door
With this option, you can simply sit back and relax while you travel. Your luggage will be collected from the hotel or wherever you’re staying in the morning and then delivered to your destination address. When you arrive, your luggage will already be there waiting for you.

Checked baggage from your (hotel) door or a station to Zurich Airport
Your suitcases will be conveniently transported from your station of departure or from your hotel straight to Zurich Airport. You can pick up your luggage at the SBB left-luggage office at Zurich Airport then check it in with your airline yourself.

Are you flying with SWISS or Edelweiss Air? With the check-in option, you will be given your boarding card with your reserved seat in the plane together with your pick-up slip when you drop off your luggage. This means you’ll have more time on your day of departure – since you won’t have to worry about long queues at check-in or lugging suitcases around.


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