Where can I park my car?

Blue parking spaces
You can park for a maximum of 60 minutes free of charge in the 'blue zones', as they are called. Plus the rest of the half hour already begun.

The clock on the mandatory parking disc must be set to the next half-hour mark after the time when you park. In a 'blue zone', you do not need a parking disc from 6.00 pm until 7.59 am

White parking spaces
You can park in the white parking spaces in cities for a limited period, in return for a charge. Permitted parking times and charges can vary greatly, so you must pay attention to the roadside signage.

More parking
Covered parking facilities are often available in cities, near tourist attractions and at airports. Charges must normally be paid for their use. If you park your car for a lengthy period, covered parking facilities (which have the advantage of video monitoring) are advisable.

If you are interested in parking facilities at specific locations such as shopping malls or hotels, you can consult the relevant websites for information.


Parking in Switzerland

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