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Can I take my bicycle with me on public transport?

Within Switzerland, bicycles can be taken along on many SBB trains and private railways as well as PostBuses (valid ticket required). If you can fold it down and pack it away into an appropriate carrier bag, you can even take it with you free of charge as hand luggage. Please note that transport capacities for self-loading of bikes may be full on certain routes, depending on the volume of traffic.

The designated carriages/buses are marked with a bicycle symbol. In the SBB online timetable under “Advanced Search”, the option “Carriage of bicycles required (Switzerland only)” can be selected, which shows all connections where individual bicycle transport is possible.

In Switzerland, bikes can also be sent on ahead as an item of luggage. At all stations with a left-luggage office, you can register your bike as an item of luggage and send it to the destination of your choice.


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