Where can I leave my luggage or flight luggage?

Thanks to the various SBB luggage transport services, you can travel through Switzerland comfortably and without luggage. Whether from door to door or from station to station - with this service nothing stands in the way of a relaxed journey.

Flight luggage foreign airport-to-station

Regardless of which airline you have chosen and from which international airport you arrive in Switzerland: Via Zurich airport, your luggage travels to one of 20 selectable destination railway stations throughout Switzerland the day after arrival – all thanks to the "Flight luggage foreign airport-to-station” service.

Express flight luggage foreign airport to door

Even more convenient: the “Express flight luggage foreign airport-to-door” service, transporting your luggage directly to the desired hotel. This service is possible to 20 Swiss tourism hotspots. 

Reisegepäck Tür zu Tür Express

Das Angebot «Reisegepäck Tür zu Tür Express» bietet maximalen Komfort. Wird das Gepäck morgens im einen Hotel aufgegeben, wartet es abends bereits im Ziel-Hotel. Dieser Service zwischen Hotels wird in 20 Schweizer Tourismus-Hotspots angeboten.


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